Navigating The Financial Seas

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Are You Asking The Wrong Financial Questions?

A lot of people have questions about their retirement plan, but we find that they’re often asking the wrong questions. We’ll cover some of these common questions and learn about the different questions you should be asking instead.

More Than Just Investments

There’s a lot more to retirement planning than just picking investments. Is your advisor helping you navigate all the other essential areas?

Be Realistic About Your Retirement

We often have a lot of unrealistic expectations about retirement - and there’s nothing wrong with that if we reel ourselves back toward reality before making major decisions. Let’s talk about some of the ways our retirement expectations get out of whack, and what more realistic scenarios should look like.

What Demographics Can Tell Us

Statistics can sometimes make your head spin. But sometimes they give us some helpful insight into how others approach financial and retirement planning. Let’s look at some intriguing demographics and see what they tell us about retirement these days.

Long Term Care 101

On the first edition of "Navigating The Financial Seas", Brian walks us through some of the basics of planning for potential long term care needs. Is traditional LTC coverage the best route to take? Are there alternatives that might make sense for your situation? Why is this such an important retirement topic? We'll answer all those questions on this week's episode.